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Huffaker & Associates Inc. provides life and health insurance in Tempe, AZ. We also provide disability insurance and dental insurance for individuals.

Life insurance is designed to help your family members in the event of your death. It can provide your family members with the cash to pay for your funeral and burial expenses, leftover bills and estate taxes. These policies can even be taken out in large enough amounts to help cover every day expenses and retirement expenses. It’s all dependent on how much money you want in your insurance policy.

Health insurance pays part of your medical bills in the event that you have to see a doctor, go to the ER or be admitted into the hospital. Often times the health insurance premiums and co-pays are only a fraction of the true cost of receiving medical care and can save you thousands of dollars throughout the course of a year. This is especially true if you have chronic health problems and need maintenance medication and lots of doctor’s visits.

Disability insurance pays you a portion of your income in the event that you become disabled and can no longer work. There are two types of disability insurance. Individuals can have short and/or long term disability insurance. Short term disability insurance pays for six weeks of disability and can be reapplied for at the end of every six weeks. Long term disability insurance lasts longer than short term disability insurance and can mean the difference between paying your bills and not paying your bills while you receive the medical care you need to get back to work.

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