Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance | Huffaker & Associates Inc.- Tempe, AZ

Huffaker & Associates Inc. provides a wide range of commercial insurance products to meet the needs of small, mediuim, and growing businesses.

We have commercial policies for business owners and contractors, and we have general liability policies.

A business owner’s policy is also known as a BOP policy. It covers loss of income due to natural disasters and often comes in a package containing other provisions and policies.

Most business owners need property insurance, liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to be compliant with all the rules and regulations of owning a business.

Business property insurance is a lot like homeowners and renters insurance. It covers loss of business and personal property in the event of a fire, disaster or theft.

Business liability insurance covers the expenses incurred if the business is sued for selling a customer a defective product that harmed their well-being or caused injury, and it pays for slips, falls and other mishaps on the property by customers.